my ufo frightmare

click image to view. or, should you have the patience, click here to view/download in a higher quality. extraterrestrial message below…

come, bobo, come
today the moon
tomorrow the sun
no need to run
come, bobo, come

come, bobo, come
virgins for you
more if you do
come, bobo, come
they’re waiting for you

come, bobo, come
sweet, bobo!
anus jelly
come, bobo, come
give us your bum
give us your bum
give us your bum…

9 Responses to “my ufo frightmare”

  1. Dr. Luv

    Hahahahahaha… but I’m still going to refer you to a colleague.

  2. BLZbob

    Fantastic. Bring on part two.

  3. Sister

    I don’t know what to say, but…

  4. Sister


  5. Sister


  6. Sister


  7. Sister


  8. Outsider

    How delightfully strange. And there’s so much of it. Keep at it, Bobo, whoever you are.

  9. brotherbob

    frightfully frightful; i’d report you to someone if there was in fact someone out there… is anybody out there?!

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