8 Responses to “in the flesh”

  1. Dr. Luv

    Shocking, absolutely shocking. And so good to meet you.

  2. BLZbob

    Didn’t see this coming… I have to hand it to you. Go, Bobo, go!

  3. knobgoblin

    Spank that monkey, Bobo! Spank it! Spank it! As John Cleese once said, “Do you want to come back to my place, bouncy bouncy?”

  4. ravey st
  5. gene's wading pool

    your eyes so deep… your voice so clear… your hands so strong… your ears so dear…
    now, bobo, now!: YOU look at THIS thing…

  6. screamingforlove

    now that I know you’re a friend of Edvard’s, well, any friend of Edvard’s is a friend of mine, with or or without all the back hair.

  7. Lizzy

    I like to look inside his mouth. Looks like a CD in there.

    Like his white ”shirtfront”. Will we now see him again with the other Japanese monkey or with the bears?

    Can one see the rest of him below the waist?

  8. b0n31d0l

    Sinister screaming Munch and sleepwalking angels herald Bobo.

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