gloriana (forever)

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who needs words? our pan-national anthem. please press play button and/or acquire at itunes, amazon, and many other online music stores.

and if perhaps you are a musician, or in the industry, may i humbly suggest that we all begin rolling back the blight that is gross over-compression in the mastering of popular music. being as loud or louder as the next guy on radio – or wherever – is destroying what should be about the beauty and spectrum of sound, not just volume. want it loud?… all we have to do is turn it up. and lay off the squeezing.

9 Responses to “gloriana (forever)”

  1. BLZbob

    Wow… who knew? Well done. Where did you get the birds?

  2. bobo

    here and there… the tricky one was the flying.

    in the interests of authenticity, we acquired a young quetzal from a nice man at the niagara falls border.

    sadly, it did not survive the recording process.

    unfortunately, its natural flapping wasn’t nearly as rich and convincing as it was after it was injured. but, hey, art is sacrifice and sacrifice is art…

    (of course not, for the literallists out there)…

  3. Furd

    Bravo! Big and beautiful.

  4. Ludwig

    Ja Ja Ja!

  5. MeetPuppet

    i’m flying past the stars the radiation is a killer electromagnetic rays everywhere i’ve got a helium hangover my eyes burn like a quasar my nuts as big as asteroids and i’m being propelled like a banana-boinked puppet towards the biggest bangiest rendez-vous of a cosmic lifetime…
    gloriana forever…

  6. Georgia O-my

    The once colorful flower of my loins will never quite bloom so bright now that gloriana shines

  7. gene's wading pool

    my drool is filling up the tub. come swim with me, bobo.

  8. rantsinmypants

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmen(and, ok, women too)

  9. Annabelle

    Bobo rocks!
    Great song, great talent.

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